Amedeo Tommasi | Zodiac

Amedeo Tommasi | Zodiac

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Zodiac by Amedeo Tommasi on Vinyl in Very Very Good condition.

Track List

  • A1 Ariete 3:30
  • A2 Toro 2:35
  • A3 Gemelli 3:35
  • A4 Cancro 2:53
  • A5 Leone 3:05
  • A6 Vergine 2:30
  • B1 Bilancia 3:00
  • B2 Scorpione 3:30
  • B3 Sagittario 3:06
  • B4 Capricorno 3:10
  • B5 Acquario 2:12
  • B6 Pesci 3:13

Great copy of this rare record! Vinyl has only small visible markings that can faintly be heard. At times plays far superior to its VG+ grade. Small sticker on Side A center label. Cover has very minor ringwear and what looks like removed tape residue at bottom with very small tear at upper right rear middle. Excellent copy!